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I love @nichewineco and the phrase they use to describe their wines. “Farm Fresh”. Being part of the wine industry program brought me the great fortune of meeting Joanna & James. Joanna made me laugh when she said “I’m the fun, he’s the science”. Not that science can’t be fun. These two are everything I love about the local wine scene here on the coast and especially in @westkelowna.

Small batch wines made with love by a family that lives steps away from where it was grown. There is something magic about this and you can taste it in the glass. Each row of vines is an extension of their family and just like children they talk about what they like, don’t like and what they need to thrive. Just like parents they want each vine to be successful and reach its full potential.

James, the winemaker for @nichewineco is no amateur. With a Masters degree in Oenology and Viticulture and 15 years of winemaking experience, and the natural talent that comes from being part of a wine family, he has it going on. “It’s like bottling home” is what he says about the Pinot Noir grapes grown on the farm where he grew up.

Joanna is the sunshine. She greets you with a smile and you can her a little Champagne tinkle in her laugh. You can feel the passion she has for the wines, the farm and her family. The family was so pleased to be the first to taste in their new space. Words can not accurately describe the beauty that surrounds the space on all sides.


Their Beautiful bubbles, bright acidity, and an off-dry finish is simply superb. I will be gifting to friends & family. It is not easy to make a good bubbly that doesn’t taste like sparkling apple juice. They have done it right. Cheers!

Trina enjoying the bubbly @nichewineco

If you want to try something you might not have and be so very happy you did, it is certainly their Foch. Foch is a grape where the skin and the flesh are a deep red colour. It was named after a famous French general (Marechal Foch) in the First World War. The wine was a symphony in my mouth with no one note out of tune or out of place. Your tongue will not have to search far for the chocolate and vanilla notes, a full-bodied red that will not blow you over with the power of a big Syrah or Malbec from a hot climate.

This summer you will have the opportunity to come for a tasting, play some bocce ball and have charcuterie, the wine is great, the view and added bonus.

It was such a pleasure to spend some time with these two lovely humans. I felt grateful for the opportunity. Being the architect of your own happiness sometimes has its perks.

Trina Plamondon is the Founder of Carpa Vino, a local company, in Vancouver, British Columbia, that offers private wine events with rare tastings, acclaimed chefs, local food & entertainment.

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