Earth Day Musings & Wine

Little Farm Winery

Wine is a luxury item.  It is not needed and for most an indulgence. (although you will not convince me of this)  When it is good it evokes feelings of excitement, mystery and love.  It transports us away from the mundane, beyond the realms of regular life and work. The beautiful sound “pop” of the cork and the wine dance begins. It is a whirlwind romance, magic and stardust all rolled into one.  

When we have chosen well, we are left breathless, speechless, wanting more. A good wine carries us to the country where it was made, we can feel the sun, the rain and the soil on our tongue. We become one. Done poorly, we feel cheated, disappointed and sad.

The production of wine is an art form.  The average wine consumer (about 80%) chose their wine by the way the labels and bottles look.  Wine is a pleasure and a luxury.  When you purchase a luxury you do not want to hear about the “dirty details” it taints the experience. The consumer expects it to be taken care of and to be ushered to a place of rest and relaxation.

Imagine if we could find no wine, it all disappeared? There certainly would be an uprising if we could not get our precious, precious juice! (see it really is a necessity). Wine producers are farmers.  They dance a difficult dance. They cope with climate change, loss of biodiversity, changing tastes and expectations of consumers and competition on a global scale. They are expected to take care of the consumer, the earth, their family and the community. 

A good wine producer cares deeply about where they grow their vines. They love their vines like adopted children. They nurture their children to become the best they can be.  They are family, friends and community. I have had the good fortune of meeting the owners of @littlefarmwinery. They are a shining example of family, friends and community.  They are food and wine personified. When you “drink” with them you are doing a little bit better for our planet. Walk down to one of these places to purchase one of their wines LINK


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