Interview With a Wine Novice

Recently I sat down with a few people who consider themselves wine novices to talk about wine & their experiences.

Here’s what they had to say...

What do you find most intimidating about wine?

“Understanding all the different varieties”
“Knowing what to order with my meal”
“What makes a wine good or bad”
“Asking for help, because I do not know what to buy”

How do you choose a wine?

“By the label”
Honestly I usually just stick with my tried tested and true.
“What catches my eye”

What do find confusing about selecting a wine in a restaurant or store?

What wine would pair with an occasion or meal
“What wine is good to give as a gift”
“What wine is similar to the style I would like”
“The different regions”

What do you wish the wine bottle had more info about?

“What it actually tastes like”
“How it was made”

What do you like about your favourite wine?

“The Label
“That I know I will like it”
“I know what I am buying”
“It is not too sweet”

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I look forward to never knowing what compelling strangers I will meet, what I will learn & what tales they will tell. Trina Plamondon