Harvest Season Food & Wine

A prairie girl at heart, I love harvest season. The colors of the fields, the trees, the leaves. The signal that the page is turning and a new chapter is about to begin. Some of my best memories from this time of year are friends sharing the bounty from their gardens. Soups, stews, carrot and […]

Carpa Vino – Wine Divergence

Issue One – Summer 2022 It is with much enthusiasm & pride I release the first issue of Carpa Vino! I wanted to create a BC magazine that presented primarily wine and a bit of cider & spirits through culture. Wine is a global product produced around the world and each region, area and place […]

Old Vines

I am one of those people who get visibly lost and excited when I am among the vines. I find it a deeply soothing and magical. On one trip to Epernay, I stood in awe at the beauty, rows upon rows of beautiful plants. To drink the bubbly artistry produced in famous Champagne houses was […]

Earth Day Musings & Wine

Wine is a luxury item.  It is not needed and for most an indulgence. (although you will not convince me of this)  When it is good it evokes feelings of excitement, mystery and love.  It transports us away from the mundane, beyond the realms of regular life and work. The beautiful sound “pop” of the […]


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About Me

Trina Plamondon is the founder of Carpa Vino, a local company specializing in wine tastings & wine consulting. In her blog she helps others find the magic in wine in a way that is easy to understand and appreciate.

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