Earth Day Musings & Wine

Wine is a luxury item.  It is not needed and for most an indulgence. (although you will not convince me of this)  When it is good it evokes feelings of excitement, mystery and love.  It transports us away from the mundane, beyond the realms of regular life and work. The beautiful sound “pop” of theContinue reading “Earth Day Musings & Wine”

Farm Fresh Wine – Niche Winery

I love @nichewineco and the phrase they use to describe their wines. “Farm Fresh”. Being part of the wine industry program brought me the great fortune of meeting Joanna & James. Joanna made me laugh when she said “I’m the fun, he’s the science”. Not that science can’t be fun. These two are everythingContinue reading “Farm Fresh Wine – Niche Winery”

Bordeaux ?

If you are like me, you get confused by the multitude of appellations, regions, villages, Chateaux’s… etc., etc., that exist in France. So many in fact, during my last trip to France I bought an atlas of French vineyards to explain it all to me. Truth, 33 maps, tables and graphics, soils, PDO’s, and grapeContinue reading “Bordeaux ?”


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Trina Plamondon is the founder of Carpa Vino, a local company specializing in wine tastings & wine consulting. In her blog she helps others find the magic in wine in a way that is easy to understand and appreciate.

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